"Roberto relaxing on the balcony next to the mango tree"


Hi, I'm Roberto, a retired Pharmacist. I have been happily married to my lovely wife Trini for 37 wonderful years and we have been blessed with four children and four grandchildren. While my children were growing up, we spent so many, many wonderful moments at our villa in the company of good friends and relatives.

Since my children are pursuing their careers in the mainland now, we have decided to share our little paradise with you. Come enjoy, as we have, the spectacular Caribbean sunsets from the balcony or the idyllic morning dawn under a shady palm. Or just swing in your hammock in the tropical breeze as you lazily gaze out over our picturesque beach.

Trini and I live just minutes away from the villa and are here to do whatever we can to make your stay a truly enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Come share our comfortable villa, the ideal weather, the sandy beaches and the magnificent view of the mountains meeting the sea. Bask in the tropical garden of Western Puerto Rico, and most importantly experience the warmth and hospitality of its friendly people.

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