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Roberto's Hidden Paradise is located on a perfect spot in the west side of the lsland, closed by many tourist attractions and marvelous places to see. It serves as a strategic location for many visitors to enjoy the many beauties that Puerto Rico offers. So if enjoy adventures, here are some of the places that you can visit during your stay. Click on the links for further information.

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OldTown Añasco Square

Old town Añasco
Old town Añasco offers typical Puerto Rican hangout places with its large central town square and well preserved 400 year-old churches. Añasco holds an  important place in Puertorrican History as it was here where the Spanish conquistadores were proven to be mortals.  A group of rebel Taino natives attacked and drowned a Spanish conquistador named SALCEDO, thus debunking the myth that the Spanish were gods. A bronze fountain in the main square depicts this act of bravery and defiance of colonial Spanish rule. On the outskirts of town you can visit, El Salto, which is a beautiful waterfall.  For more information About Añasco visit
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Light House, Rincon Puerto Rico
Rincon Light House
Located just 5 miles north from Roberto's Hidden Paradise, Rincon has the best surfing beaches in Puerto Rico. It also has its spectacular lighthouse, 'El Faro' (Spanish for 'The Lighthouse'), which is open to the pubic, located on a cliff overlooking the ocean.  This very popular tourist attraction, built by the Spaniards in the late 1800's, serviced shipping between Mona Island and North-Western Puerto Rico. It is still operational today. Because of its beautiful location, and the warm winds that flow into the area, it remains a sight to visit and admire. Many Americans from the mainland have made this area of Puerto Rico their home. 
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Mayaguez Catedral Church


Mayagüez is the third-largest city of Puerto Rico. The city itself is centered around the impressive Spanish-style Plaza Colon, a tribute to Christopher Columbus, whose statue stands in the middle of the square. Mayagüez is home of the only Zoo in the island, Mayagüez Zoo. It has 45-acre tropical compound that is home to a wide variety of animals ranging from huge hippos and elephants to exotic birds. Open Wednesday through Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; (787) 834-8110

Also In Mayaguez if you enjoy a good game of bowling you will find professionally maintained lanes at the Western Bowling in Mayaguez, 20 minutes ride from Roberto's Hidden Paradise. 
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Golf Courses
Punta Borinquen Golf Club, located in Aguadilla at the former Ramey Air Force base is  30 minutes away from Roberto's Hidden Paradise. It is a 18-hole Golf course that has spectacular views located adjacent to cliffs overlooking the ocean. For information call (787) 890-2987
Club Deportivo del Oeste Golf Course -This course is located 30 minutes away from Roberto's Hidden Paradise  For information call (787) 851-7015
There are two stunningly beautiful golf courses at Hyatt hotels about an hour away, halfway between Añasco and San Juan: These are located near the town of Dorado in what used to be the Rockefeller's private retreat estate years ago where they entertained their special guests.
Hyatt Regency Cerromar Golf Club: For information call (787)796-8915
Hyatt Dorado Beach Golf Club: For information call (787)796-8961.
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The Phosphorescent Bay, Parguera

Parguera is a small and friendly fishing town with several tourists services, restaurants and superb recreational opportunities. It has The Phosphorescent Bay, one of the few in the world, (others are in Japan, Jamaica and Vieques, PR). A special variety of luminescent plankton, dinoflagellates, glow like blue fire in the dark as you stir your hand through the water. For reservations Call Fondo del Cristal 899-5891. For additional Information visit
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There are two casinos, Mayaguez Resort and Casino and Holiday Inn Casino, are just minutes away.
Both hotels have restaurant and dancing. They open every night until 2am. Located in Route #2, Mayaguez 
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World's Largest Radar in Arecibo
The Arecibo Observatory

The observatory of Arecibo is nested in the mountains of Northern Puerto Rico about 30 minutes away from downtown Arecibo, off route 625. It is the World Largest radar/radio telescope.  At the 20-acre 1,000Ft diameter dish site, Scientist from all over the world come to listen to the universe. Visitors can view the huge telescope from an observation platform, where its austere metallic symmetry shimmers in dramatic contrast with the dense green tropical landscape. 
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Camuy Caverns (Cavernas)

The impresive Camuy caverns has three crater-like sinkholes and two caves open to the public. Visitors can ride a trolley that descends into a sinkhole lined with dense tropical vegetation while a guide describes the sights. After a walk across ramps and bridges and through the dramatically illuminated, 170-foot high Cueva Clara, another tram shuttles you to a platform overlooking the 400 foot deep Tres Pueblos Sinkhole.

Another attraction is the Spiral Sinkhole and Cave. You can walk the 205 steps down into the sinkhole, but the cave itself is off limits to all but experienced spelunkers. The sinkhole is believed to have once been an enormous cavern, and is indeed an impressive sight. Cathedral cave is home to an enigmatic collection of petroglyphs etched into the walls by the ancient Taínos (Native Puerto Rico Indians).
The 268-acre grounds include a cafeteria, picnic area, gift shop, walking trails, exhibition hall, and theater. Advanced cave explorers can arrange for special tours and rappelling trips through undeveloped sections of the caves.

The park is normally open Wednesday through Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The last tour departs at 3:30 p.m., or when the park reaches its daily capacity. Please call to confirm schedule and space availability (787) 898-3100.
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Luis A. Ferre Art Museum
Ponce fire station Built in 1882
Ponce Cathedral
The City of Ponce

The greatest art on the island is at the Museo de Arte de Ponce, Las Americas Avenue, in Puerto Rico's second largest city. The collection, donated by former governor Luis A. Ferré, ranges from Jan Van Eyck's Salvatore Mundi to Rossetti's confrontational Daugthers of King Lear. The museum building was designed by Edward Durell Stone, who also designed New York's Museum of Modern Art. Works are displayed here in a honeycomb of skylit hexagonal rooms. Puerto Rican artists who are represented include José Campeche (1751-1809) and Francisco Oller (1833-1917)

Also Ponce offers many other tourist attractions and interesting places to see and visit such as the "Parque de Bombas", "La Guancha" River-walk, la Cruz del Vigia, and Ponce Downtown.
The Parque de Bombas in Ponce is actually the city's classic firehouse, built in 1882 to house the firefighting corps of the south. It is one of the city's most recognizable landmarks for its bright colors, which include red and black. Admission is free.

El Yunque" United State's National Rain Forest

 El Yunque is a cool, mountainous, semi tropical rainforest in eastern Puerto Rico. The abundant rainfall is shed through rocky rivers creating many cascades of waterfalls and pools. At the higher elevations the waters are clean enough to drink and delightful to swim in. Bring your bathing suit! The forest hosts a number of unique plant and animal species such as the endangered Puerto Rican Parrot and the tiny coquis (indigenous tree frogs) that serenade the evening hours.

El Yunque is managed by the US Forest Service who maintain an extensive network of hiking trails. Picnic facilities, paved trails and tour bus parking, the 'El Portal' exhibit hall and lookout towers are on the North side. The South side is the quiet side.
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Estimated travel time to Puerto Rico
From Puerto Rico to: By Air By Sea
New York 3½ hours 2½ days
Los Angeles 8 hours 10 days
Miami 2½ hours 2 days
Europe 8 hours 14 days
Estimated travel time to arrive to major cities from San Juan by car. 
From To Time Miles
San Juan Aguadilla

2 Hrs

San Juan Mayagüez
2 Hrs 20 Min
95 mi.
San Juan Ponce
1 Hr 10 Min
95 mi.
Estimated travel time to arrive From Roberto's Hidden Paradise to Tourist Interest Places
Roberto's Hidden Paradise San Juan
2 Hrs 15 Min
90 mi
Roberto's Hidden Paradise Camuy Caverns
40 min

Roberto's Hidden Paradise

El Yunque
3 Hrs
150 mi
Roberto's Hidden Paradise Ponce 60 min 60 mi
Roberto's Hidden Paradise Mayagüez 15 min 12 mi

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