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Leaving Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (San Juan) follow the Department of Tourism "Parrot Route" signs that have a green parrot on them.
Following the green parrot route will take you out of San Juan, Westward on Rt. 22 (toll road) and Rt. 2, across the Northern part of the Island towards the towns Bayamon, Arecibo and Aguadilla.

Once you get to Aguadilla (on the Northwest tip of the island) you will pass a traffic light where there is a shopping center with a KFC and a Pueblo Xtra supermarket on the left and a Burger King on the right. Keep going straight, down a big hill, across the Aguada Valley, up the mountain, and down into Añasco Valley.

As you hit the valley floor there will be a stoplight with a Macdonald’s on the right hand side. Continue on Rt. 2 to the next stoplight and turn right on Rt. 115 (you’ve missed the turn if you pass an old iron trestle bridge on the right).

Go through fields for about 3 miles until you get to Rt. 401, which will be to the left. Turn and take Rt. 401 for 1 mile. You will go through the neighborhood of Playa de Añasco (Añasco Beach) and pass the Balneario (public beach) on the right. The road will then parallel the beach; you will pass the fishing cooperative on the right and when you get to the curve in the road (Km 2.2) you have arrived.

Roberto’s is the large cream and teal green color house directly on the beach

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